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Kiss Your Children

Sharing something with everyone that my friend Joe Cozzo wrote.  He is a great man who is the CEO for Buffalo Hearing and Speech, here in WNY.  Enjoy!

kiss-your-childrenI think this advice is good for every child, but especially so for children with autism or any special need. It is a tough job being a parent under the best of conditions and I realize that parenting a special needs child is very often even more difficult. While the rewards of parenting are great, the realities of parenting show struggles (sometimes daily) for every parent. The goodnight kiss is a way in which we as parents can reconnect with our children no matter what the day or their behavior/attitude brought to us. It is that physical-emotional bond that helps us reorient ourselves to seeing our child not as a bad boy or girl- but as a normal child who occasionally will act up, be vulnerable, show developmental resistance or just be frustrated with no other way to communicate that to us. It is a reminder that this beautiful boy or girl is special in every sense of the word. My prescription is to increase hugs and kisses to all children (prn). They will feel better and we will feel great.


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