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Start Spreading The News

…I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…Hopefully, this little clip will be visable to you.  It was shot at my office on Monday and appeared on one of the local channels, WKBW channel 7, an ABC affiliate here in town (yes, I am in NY).

This is my lead-in to spreading the news about your business.  Hands down, the very best way to let others know about you is word of mouth.  Suzie tells Mary, Mary tells Joe and so on, and pretty soon a large group of people know about you and the wonderful work you do!  Entire business are predicated on the concept of word-of-mouth marketing.  Just look at BNI (Business Network International).  What started out as a group of business men meeting to help eachother promote themselves over breakfasts in California, has grown into a multinational, billion dollar industry.  I belonged to a local chapter for many years as well as serving as a regional director for BNI for a time.  My connection to WKBW came from a media company owner/ business friend I met at my meeting, who introduced me to her friend who worked in television, who brought KB to my attention.  It was really that simple and yet, that complex.  The simplicity is obvious in the meeting and getting to know other individuals who can believe in you enough to help share your vision and message.  The complexity comes in to play in the carrying out of the “word spreading”.  Relationships are predicated on getting to know the other person and their business, goals and dreams, and seeing how you can best help them achieve theirs, as they assist you in achieving yours.  One needs to look at every opportunity for the other individuals to make an impact.  Who needs to know about this business, who can be helped by it, and how do we make that happen.  The “warm introduction” beats the heck out of the “cold call” any day.  It is about creating a connection of trust and confidence, and building upon that.  Once those connections are made, it is incombant on the business owner to carry out on their promise to do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, to solidify the good will of creating the relationship.  That being done, the next relationship sets spark to the next and so on.  If you take nothing else away from this article, take the need and desire to build relationships, not sales.  Enjoy what you do and share it with the world.


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