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Our Providers

What is an 'Independent Practitioner?'

An Independent Practitioner pays a monthly rent for use of space and certain amenities, utilities, and services, which allows us to have a quality office space. Each practitioner sets their own hours of business, canvases their own clients, sets their own prices, and offers their own specials. Simply put, they each own their own business. Learn More

Christine Bailor, RN, BCTMB, LMT, CSI, SMT

Christine Bailor, is the owner of The Body Essential Holistic Wellness Center, located in Williamsville, New York. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999, when she placed her full-time nursing career aside to pursue another area of healthcare. She is a Registered Professional Nurse and a Board- Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, holding licensure in New York and Pennsylvania, She graduated from Sisters' Hospital School of Nursing in 1985 and the New York Institute of Massage in 1999. Christine continued her education at St. Joseph's College in Maine in Health Care Administration, Siena Heights University, in Michigan in Applied Science and the CORE Institute in Tallahassee, Florida. Christine has been trained in a wide spectrum of massage practices and has chosen to specialize in Medical, Sports, Rehabilitation and Oncology Massage, pursuing certifications in these areas. She is ACOLS trained in Lymphatic Drainage and CETI trained as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.

As one of only two CORE Certified Structural Integrative Therapists in the Western New York area, Christine provides clients with an individual treatment regime, combining her specialized skills to obtain maximum benefit from the work. Christine is a past member of the faculty at the New York Institute of Massage and has also served as a Teaching Assistant in several settings. She is a Continuing Educator and the owner of BE Continuing Education, which offers a variety of CE programs for massage therapists. She is an active member of American Massage Therapy Association, where she serves on the Executive Committee as the 23/24 National Association President, Society for Oncology Massage and American Holistic Nurses Association. Christine is a previously a BOD member of AMTA NY and past BOD member of the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists. She is also an End-of-Life Doula and owner of Empyrean End of Life Doula Consulting and Services. (www.empyreanendoflife.com)

Personal responsibility is highly valued by Christine and this is evident in her work, as she encourages her clients to explore what their bodies are saying to them and to discover the why behind it. She encourages her clients to take an active role in their healing process. Her clientele covers a wide demographic, and everyone is welcomed equally across the spectrum. Christine has gathered a highly qualified group of practitioners to provide services out of The Body Essential, where they strive to remain at the forefront of the holistic healthcare world to always bring their clients the best in health and wellness services in the Western New York region.

Christine’s Services

  • Signature Relaxation Massage
  • Client Customized Massage
  •  Oncology Massage
  •  Lymph Drainage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  •  Medical Massage
  • Myofascial Therapy


  • 30 minutes - $60
  • 45 minutes - $80
  • 60 minutes - $100
  • 90 minutes - $150

Indian Head Massage

  • 30 minutes (scalp/head, neck, face and shoulders) $70
  • 45 minutes (scalp/head, neck, face shoulders and back) $95

CranioSacral Therapy/SomatoEmotional Release

  • 45 minutes - $80
  • 60 minutes - $100

AromaTouch Session

  • 45 minutes - $90 

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

  • 60 minutes - $110

Structural Integration

  • 10 session series - $3,000

Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy

  • 60 minutes $100

Christine Accepts and Participates with

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit Cards
  • HSA Benefit Cards

Kelly Cartus, LMT, BCTMB, SMT, MMEd (Independent Practitioner)

Kelly CartusKelly Cartus began her journey as a massage therapist in 2010.  Kelly has devoted her energy into learning how massage can help people in all walks of life.  She is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, National Board Certified Sports Massage Therapist, National Board Certified SportStretch® Therapist, and National Board Certified Therapeutic Bodyworker.  Kelly has extensive training in the following:  advanced medical massage techniques, prenatal massage, treatments for neck and scapular disorders, chronic headaches, and systemic disorders such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Kelly was a music educator at all levels, kindergarten through university. Educating has remained a passion for Kelly, and giving back to the profession and community is also very important to her.  She joined the faculty at New York Institute of Massage in 2015, and she is an active member in American Massage Therapy Foundation (AMTA) and Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF).  Both AMTA and MTF invest in the advancement of the massage profession, and MTF is responsible for supporting community outreach, education, and research in massage.  In 2021, Kelly raised over $14K for MTF and had the honor of representing them as a runner in the historic Boston Marathon.  Crossing that finish line was a very proud moment for Kelly!

Kelly advocates leading a healthy and productive lifestyle through the use of exercise, diet, and self-care.  She is active in the running community and participates in many running events year round.  Since becoming a massage therapist, Kelly has built a successful practice in which she has a very loyal clientele.  Kelly is compassionate, kind, caring, intuitive, and is dedicated to helping others to lead better lives.  These qualities, along with her life experiences as a musician, teacher, mom, and health advocate all serve to make her successful as a massage therapist.  To Kelly, performing therapeutic massage is an art form in which she takes great pride and pleasure sharing with people who need to experience the great benefits it has to offer.

Serenity Relaxation Massage
Escape life’s stresses with this soothing, relaxing, full-body Swedish Massage. Combined with your choice of aromatherapy, the long, gentle strokes will help elongate muscles, open joints, decrease swelling, and provide an overall feeling of calm.
60-minute service: $90.00
Suggested complement: warm stones

Reformation Deep Tissue Massage
Re-set with this full-body focus massage. Deep pressure, trigger point therapy, advanced medical massage techniques, and stretching are all utilized to help relieve muscle pain, increase range of motion, relax “stuck” connective tissue, and help reform muscle stretch, flexibility, and balance.
60-minute service: $100.00 90-minute service: $150.00
Suggested complement(s): cupping, warm stones, sore muscle cream

Tranquility Warm Stone Massage
Warm Himalayan Salt Stones along with comforting massage strokes will transport you into a wonderful state of tranquility. This restorative massage provides deep relaxation, will melt away stress and muscle tension, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.
60-minute service: $110.00 90-minute service: $165.00
Suggested complement: sore muscle cream

Focus Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
Loosen up those tight back, neck, and shoulder muscles with this intense focus massage. A combination of stretching, trigger point therapy, deep tissue techniques, and specialty product(s) will help relieve pain, tightness, headache, and help increase range of motion.
40-minute service: $75.00
Runner’s Relief Treatment
Created for runners, but not just for runners! If you are experiencing foot pain, leg pain, and/or lower back pain, this service is for you! Concentrated focus on the lower leg and feet along with special product(s) will help to facilitate better blood circulation, reduce swelling, decrease pain, increase flexibility, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.
40-minute service: $75.00

SportStretch® $65.00

Add one or more to your service to bring extra relief to a particularly troublesome area:
Cupping: $25.00
Warm Stone: $20.00
Muscle Cream: $15.00

Kelly accepts Cash, Credit, IHA Healthy Benefits, and HSA cards
Online booking available: www.simplymassagewny.com

Alexa C. Goodlander, LMT CA, Reiki Master, Children’s Yoga Instructor (Independent Practitioner)

Having been surrounded for all of my life by health care professionals, I found holistic wellness a natural draw. After receiving a AAS degree from ECC, I spent several years working at Body Essential as a Clinical Office Assistant, working with clients and practitioners alike, to assist in the wellness process. In 2005, I was introduced to the world of essential oils for health and wellness. I have taken that interest and turned it into a profession by becoming a Certified Aromatherapist through the Aromahead Institute. I combined my love of children and wellness in becoming a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor through Kidding Around Yoga in 2017. I completed my Reiki Master and became a Licensed Massage Therapist as well to assist with my client’s holistic wellness healing.

Alexa's Services

  • Aromatherapy Consultation
  • Reiki Sessions
  • Privat Children's Yoga Classes
  • Massage Therapy



* 30 minutes - $50
* 45 minutes - $70
* 60 minutes - $80
* 90 minutes - $120

Aromatherapy Consultation
First visit 60 minutes - $60
Follow up 15 minutes - $15
Follow up 30 minutes - $25

Initial consultation includes: greeting with Oshibori provided, full review of systems, discussion of current issues and evaluation, introduction to essential oils and aromatherapy and recommendations for usage.
Follow-up visits include: greeting with Oshibori provided, review of progress and any changes necessary to recommendations for usage.
Product pricing varies.

Reiki sessions

  • 30 minutes - $30
  • 60 minutes - $60

Private children’s yoga classes

  • 30 minutes class- $10


Kohava Howard LPN, RAHP, LYYD (Independent Practitioner)

kohava howard

Kohava Howard LPN, RAHP, LYYD mother, traveler, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, and a Jungian mindset Life Coach with over 30 years of experience. Plus, she outshines as a women empowerment advocate, master healer, and intuitive spiritual teacher.

Kohava is the founder of Emerging Vibrant Woman, which provides exceptional support for women in overcoming various life and business-related challenges. Her guidance is aimed at helping women break free from limiting beliefs, manage stress and fear, discover and awaken their soul purpose, build self-esteem and confidence, so they can show up fully and authentically, earn with bliss, and thrive with courage. Kohava's expertise helps to navigate through life's changes.

As a Mentor, Kohava uses a unique blend of healing arts and life coaching. providing and sharing the systems, tools, and processes necessary to help you get more strategic, balanced, find clarity, and inner peace to enhance your mind, body, and soul. In addition, create and manage a holistic life and business with ease.

Kohava provides both one-on-one and group programs that can be attended virtually or in person.

  • Reiki Master
  • Jungian Life Coach
  • Leadership Mindset coaching
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Intuitive Spiritual Guide
  • Women’s Empowerment Programs
  • Women’s Circle facilitator
  • therapeutic movement specialist
  • Meditation instructor


  • 60 minutes Reiki and consultation - $75
  • 60 minutes Life coaching- $125
  • 30 minutes Oracle card reading - $45

Virtual appointment available for life coaching and card reading

Website:  https://emergingvibrantwoman.com/

Book Reiki Appointment:  https://kohavahoward.as.me/

Margaux C. Huart, LMT (Independent Practitioner)

Margaux got her start with massage as early as 9 years old, when she herself received massage therapy, then imitated those techniques on her mom. Later formally trained at New York Institute of Massage and graduated in 2018, she aspires to never stop learning about our bodies and how to better help others through bodywork. Currently, Margaux is certified to perform Therapeutic Cupping Massage, as well as Prenatal Massage, with plans for much more so stay tuned! She also loves to perform energetic work as well as various types of massage such as therapeutic deep tissue, relaxation, Swedish, sports, and especially medical.

 As a French-American born in Texas and now living in Buffalo, she has walked many different paths in her life, but none as fulfilling as helping people feel better in their own skin. Margaux is a caring medical massage therapist who puts her passion to work, customizing a massage based on her clients' needs, ensuring that everyone gets a massage session that is unique to the achievement of each client's individual goals in holistic health care through bodywork. She believes that trust in your therapist is key to a good release and is driven to earn her clients' trust with every session.

Margaux's Services

  • Signature Relaxation
  • Client Customized Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Medical Massage 
  • Prenatal
  • Cupping
  • Athletic Massage
  • Couple's Massage


Signature Relaxation , Client Customized Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Massage  Prenatal , Cupping, Athletic Massage

  • 30 minutes - $40
  • 45 minutes - $65
  • 60 minutes - $80
  • 90 minutes - $120

Couples Massage 

  • 60 min $200
  • 90 min $270

Add-on Stretching

  • $10 per 10 minutes

Margaux Accepts and Participates with

  • Master Card, Visa, Discover,  Cash and Checks
  • IHA Healthy Benefits Cards
  • BC/BS Wellness Cards
  • HSA Benefit Cards

Melanie R. Olivieri, BCTMB, MLD-C, RN, LMT, Reiki Master (Independent Practitioner)

Melanie is a Registered Nurse and a 2013 graduate of the New York Institute of Massage. She is also a Reiki Master & Hatha Yoga instructor. Melanie specializes in Therapeutic/Medical massage and Oncology massage as well as Lymphatic Drainage & Cupping. Other service offerings include; Reiki, Chakra balancing and Thai massage and incorporates deep tissue, aromatherapy and energy work where appropriate as she believes in combining modalities to meet her clients’ needs. As a board member of AMTA NY (the American Massage Therapy Association) she works to help advance the science of massage therapy and bring it more fully into the medical field. She loves to learn and is continuing her studies in Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping and other modalities. Believing that disease is caused by “dis-ease” between body, mind and spirit her goal is to help people to relax, release and rebalance.

Melanie's Services

  • Signature Relaxation Massage,
  • Customized Massage,
  • Medical/Therapeutic Massage,
  • Oncology Massage,
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cupping
  • Ear Coning/Candling


  • 30 minutes - $50
  • 45 minutes - $70
  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 90 minutes - $140

Massage & Reiki combo 

  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 90 minutes - $140

Massage & Cupping combo 

  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 90 minutes- $140

Chakra Balancing 

  • 30 minutes - $50 

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils 

  • 30 minutes - $60


  • 30 minutes - $50
  • 60 minutes - $90

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage) 

  • 30 minutes - $50
  • 60 minutes - $90

Hand & Foot treatment 

  • add-on 30 minutes - $35
  • Stand alone treatment - $50

Sea Salt or Sugar Foot Scrub

  • add-on - $10 (When included with 60 or 90-minute massage)
  • Add on 15 minutes - $25


  • 30 minutes - $50

Also available as an add-on to your massage, must be booked in advance

  • 15 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $45

Ear Coning/Candling

  • $90

***Add-on treatments must be booked in advance for guaranteed time availability

Melanie Accepts and Participates with

  • Master Card, Visa, Discover, Cash and Checks
  • IHA flex fit Cards
  • HSA benefit cards

Jean Stinson, Yoga Instructor (Independent Practitioner)

jean-stinsonJean Stinson has been practicing yoga since 2001 and studying mindfulness and eastern philosophy since 1995. She received both her 200 hour (2014) and 500 hour (2018) RYT certifications at the Himalayan Institute in Buffalo, NY and continues to deepen her knowledge of traditional yoga, including pranayama, meditation and ethics through daily practice and study. Jean's main inspirations throughout the years have been the Himalayan Tradition, Rolf Sovik and Thich Nhat Hanh. She also holds a bachelor's degree from Buffalo State College with concentrations in both Psychology and Philosophy.

About Karuna Yoga Buffalo at Body Essential Holistic Wellness Center

Traditional Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness

Karuna Yoga Buffalo is a nurturing environment where you can learn and practice all eight limbs of traditional yoga, including posture, relaxation, meditation and philosophy. With regular practice you will become stronger, more flexible, and more balanced not only in your body but in your mind and spirit as well. There is a strong focus on concentration, relaxation and letting go of things such as fear, pain, sorrow, anger, doubt, guilt, attachment, negative self image and anything else that does not serve you. It is our philosophy that human beings are here on this earth to ENJOY and to learn from life. It is our mission to help each and every one of our students cultivate the joy that is within, gain insight into what causes individual suffering, and bring relief to that suffering.

To Register for Classes, please go to karunayogabuffalo.com

Phil Wackerfuss, LMT (Independent Practitioner)

Phil is from Chicago, IL, trained at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, continued study at Trocaire College, and is licensed in Illinois and New York. His massage practice has grown hand-in-hand with a career in professional dance, working with several modern, jazz, and contemporary dance companies in Buffalo and Chicago. CSMT’s philosophy of “Movement is Health” inspired Phil to integrate lessons from dancing into his modalities, including Sports preparation/recovery, Clinical Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Body Mobilization, Oncology, Swedish Relaxation, Cranio-Sacral, and Shiatsu. Through first-hand experience with physical training, recovery from Musculo-skeletal injuries, and anxiety from high level performance, Phil knows the importance of keeping your body functioning at its best. He works with a combination of sensitivity and strength to identify disfunction and eliminate pain.

He believes in the body’s intuition to tell us what it needs to heal itself, and with proper training and care it will support us to achieve whatever level of fitness we desire. Therapeutic results don’t have to conflict with an enjoyable experience, and Phil’s massage aims to accomplish both simultaneously. Each massage is a partnership, granting tailor-made sessions to address short term and long-term health and fitness goals. Whether that be eliminating a specific pain, replacing stress with contentment, preparing for an athletic event, or recovery from injury, Phil applies the same thoroughness and attention.

Phil’s Services

  • Relaxation Massage
  • Oncology Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy


Client Customized Massage

  • 30 minutes - $45
  • 45 minutes - $70
  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 75 minutes - $110
  • 90 minutes - $125
  • 120 minutes - $160

Floor Shiatsu Massage

  • 60 minutes - $100

Couple's Massage

  • 60 minutes - $200
  • 90 minutes - $270

Phil Accepts and Participates with

  • Master Card, Visa, Discover, Cash and Checks
  • IHA flex fit Cards
  • Univera
  • BC/BS Wellness Cards
  • HSA benefit cards

Nadine Fulle, LMT (Independent Practitioner)

Nadine is a retired Paramedic which led her to becoming a Licensed Massage Thearpist. She graduated in 2010 from Trocaire College with an Associates Degree in Allied Health- Massage Therapy. After injuring her back after a call, she was unable to work as a Paramedic and had to rest to heal. She had tried Physical Therapy, the Chiropractor, electric stimuli with no help what so ever. Her Doctor recommended Massage Therapy as a last resort knowing that she hated to be touched. Well 5 years of Massage Therapy and her back healing to the point of where she could go on with her life had her looking into schooling as a Massage Therapist.

Knowing that it actually helped and it wasn’t just FOO FOO massages and that it could help everyone. She specializes in Medical Massage, Sports Therapy, Medical massage ,Trigger Point Therapy and of course relaxation massage but not just limited to these as she believes that each modality has a part in a session when needed and maybe combined. Her clients are her priority in helping them understand what they need in the terms of massage and their comfort. Each session is personalized on short and long term goals and how it will be prioritized. Nothing is ever pushed on a client because its’ all about them. She has some ideas for the future and more learning to do but while she is doing that, she is happy to have the trust of her clients that know that she has gone through what they have when they have a injury and can hopefully get them back on their feet or just to feel better.

Nadine’s Services

  • Relaxation Massage
  • Personalized Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Sports Therapy Massage


  • 30 minutes - $45
  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 90 minutes - $130

Specific Points Massage

  • Specific areas of tightness that restrict movement for the client: Neck, Shoulders and Back Shoulder, arms, wrists Hips and lower back Legs including the knee, calves and feet. A mixture of trigger point therapy, deep tissue (if needed) and stretching. Each session is personalized to each client. 
    • 45 minutes: $70.00










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